CS Yazzle: search engine optimization software tools

SEO (search engine optimization) program tools CS Yazzle is the Google, Yahoo, MSN optimization software and developed to bring comfort in the casual SEO-specialists activity in the field of analysis and account of link-mass for each and every separate project in promotion process, primary analysis of text included on pages, and also in the sphere of competitive level's analysis for one or another query.

In the same time the system's functional possibilities is not limited to this. Now CS Yazzle has 16 additional SEO tools for optimization, which allow executing positions verification for the queries, get indexed pages, predict the future values of Google PR, check up HTTP-headings of server etc.

The SEO optimization software tools CS Yazzle can be used for the following aims:

  • Competition's analysis of promotion one or another query [ view screenshot ].
  • Expenses cost's estimation for search engines optimization (SEO) in Google, MSN and Yahoo.
  • Analysis of links mass for certain site to prognosticate the future values of Google PR [ view screenshot ].
  • Analysis of pages HTML-code.
  • Indexes determination of arbitrary web-pages list, allowing to estimate perspective of links buying. Also includes verification of links presence on the web-pages list. It has an ability to estimate complexly one site.
  • Reception of links list to the site to make subsequent analysis, included in the batch-mode using command-line parameters.
  • Creating site-map, and also collection of pages headings of site to the indicated nesting level [ view screenshot ].
  • Determination of site ranking, and also indexed pages in the search engines.
  • Determination and prediction of the Google PR values.
  • Work with HTTP-headers and DNS-servers.
  • Finding and determination of sites networks (by IP-address and domain's owner).
  • Estimation of link-cost from any site.
  • Determination of queries group, which advancement of one or another site is carried out on [ view screenshot ].
  • Management of proxy-servers list (sorting, verification on availability, anonymity and ban).

The list of functionality's options as well as possible using-sphere are constantly developed and spread (all the next updates and technical support are free of charge for a licensed copy's owner).

Please look at the full abilities list and screenshots of the search engine optimization software CS Yazzle, and also you can download demo version of our program tools for SEO (search engine optimisation).